Rilke CMS 0.90 Changelog:

Rilke CMS 0.8, the initial public release, was made on June 30, 2003.
Rilke CMS 0.8.1 followed on its heels, on July 05, 2003.
Rilke CMS 0.8.2 was released on July 08, 2003.
Rilke CMS 0.8.3 was released on July 17, 2003
Rilke CMS 0.8.4 was released on July 24, 2003
Rilke CMS 0.8.5 was released on July 29, 2003
Rilke CMS 0.90 was released on August 08, 2003
Rilke CMS 0.95 beta was released on September 03, 2003

The following changes were made in Rilke CMS 0.95 beta:

Request ID Summary Status
772004 need fine-grained permissions system Implemented
772760 implement Blogroll (favorite sites) management Implemented
780990 Log in form should use "magic CSS" Fixed
785560 customizable navigation / category list via drop down menu? Implemented
789503 update default theme Fixed
789846 image upload/attachments fail with register globals off Fixed
789847 while editing comments on deactivated post,invis. ref. post Fixed
789848 implement contact info block Implemented
789856 keywords, category not carried over after image attachment Fixed
790910 need contact info table Implemented
796121 register global fixes Fixed
796128 delete unused files Fixed
796134 add simple RSS feed aggregator Implemented
796148 email addresses in submitted posts should be spam-trapped Fixed
800029 Keyword / Category Drop downs should use magic CSS Fixed
800032 - urlencode / decode category links Fixed
800034 w/ reg. glob. off pagination busted Fixed
800036 make scrollable div for categories Fixed
800038 CSS for HR elements (theme fix) Fixed
800040 RSS 0.91 feed should deliver excerpts only Fixed

The following changes were made in Rilke CMS 0.90:

Request ID Summary Status
764697 Use constants in UI to support other languages Fixed
765980 Rilke CMS needs to work on a broader set of configurations
Fixed (fixed register globals off compat., need to open new bug for PEAR issues)
772000 cleanup adminpear/index.php Fixed
780957 Bug in Image attachment with multiple users Fixed
780977 update Setup Wizard / Prefs maker for new langprefs Fixed
781068 image attachments sporadically fail Fixed
782231 need link to troubleshooting guide(s) when setup fails Partially Fixed  | Added in Readme, need to add to Setup Wizard
782234 enable quick-post(TM) blogging from Mozilla's Sidebar Panel Fixed / Implemented
782914 RSS 2.0 feed needs lastBuildDate tag Fixed
783635 Submit Post screen needs name and email fields Fixed
784937 I add a new post, but it does not appear! Partially fixed . Found possible cause / added documentation

The following changes were made in Rilke CMS 0.8.5:

Request ID Summary Status
764697 Use constants in UI to support other languages Partially Fixed
772000 cleanup adminpear/index.php Partially Fixed
778356 Problems with german chars Fixed
778466 German chars don't show up correctly in comments Fixed
779672 remove embarrasing dummy information from logout.php Fixed

The following changes were made in Rilke CMS 0.8.4:

Request ID Summary Status
775034 browse all posts needs dates, title-only view
Partially Fixed (need title-only view)
775180 update Theme stylesheets (logo border) Fixed
775188 need to update readme / install docs re upload perms Fixed
775196 upd Remembrace Theme - space after credits in Moz Fixed
775232 In Mozilla 1.5 a, notification should be only shownonly once Fixed
776681 need to preview theme w/o images Fixed
776690 Add new themes: Lax and Illusion; update setup Fixed
776694 remove unnecessary images from adminpear/ Fixed
Need nicer login screen

Significant changes: fixes for Mozilla 1.5a, new theme preview system, two new themes. Reduced file size, since the large PNG screenshot images of themes are no longer required! Other misc. fixes.

The following changes were made in Rilke CMS 0.8.3:

Request ID Summary Status

Implement Author Tracking (who edited a post last, and when)
765490 Need nice "Powered by Rilke CMS" buttons Partially Fixed
769767 For manage-deactivated-entries screen, pagination is busted Fixed
771999 provide additional user feedback after successful img attach Fixed
772359 with magic quotes off, the commenting system does not work Partially Fixed
772383 update setup wizard to create new tables for 0.83 Fixed
772388 Prefs Generator should add trailing slash to website URL Fixed
772520 correct text in Setup Wizard Fixed
772545 update Themes for new db structure changes Fixed
773077 brs need to be converted into blank spaces:allpost.php,admin Fixed

Some additional unlisted changes have also been made.

The following changes were made for Rilke CMS 0.8.2:
Request ID Summary Status
767432 In Approve section of Admin screen, pagination is broken Fixed
768165 Readme needs to be updated Fixed
768166 user input via comments needs to be sanitized Fixed
768167 comments should auto convert line breaks to br Fixed
768172 various fixes for submit.php Fixed
better error checking for invalid Theme path Fixed

Other miscellaneous changes were also made.

Rilke CMS 0.8.1 was primarily a bug fix and compatibility release. The following bugs have been completely or partially fixed:

Request ID Summary Status
764895 Apostrophe in title field breaks display Fixed
764900 Image attachments sometimes fail Fixed
764998 Need links to RSS feeds in themes installed by default Fixed
765485 remove dead code Fixed
765487 update Themes stylesheet for better pagination Fixed
765495 fix add Keyword dialog quirk Fixed
765973 need isset() on Windows to check for open DB connection Fixed
765980 Rilke CMS needs to work on a broader set of configurations Partially Fixed
765989 WIN32 compat error in commenting system Fixed

Many of these currently have not been marked as fixed, but they will be soon. For a complete list of all open bugs, please review the SourceForge project page.

Even though this release has a marginally incremented number, many many files have received small updates. Quite a bit of progress has been made on Bug 765980, which works toward making Rilke CMS work on systems where register globals is turned off in PHP. However, since this fix has not been fully implemented, it might still fail on PHP systems where register globals is turned off.

A note on upgrading: some changes have been made to the way uploads are handled. If you are upgrading from 0.8 you will need to add an entry to your preferences. For more information, please check out the uploads help document.

Rilke CMS 0.8 was the initial public release.