Setup Wizard for Rilke CMS

(1)Choosing Your Username and Password:

Your Username:    

A secure, randomly generated Setup Password is listed below. You may also choose your own password. Please write it down, or save it to a file, because you will need it to set up Rilke CMS.

Your Password:        

(2) Create a PHP Setup File:
Use the following button to create your setup file:

(3) Save PHP Setup File:
When you are done, copy the following text to the clipboard. Create a blank file with Notepad (or another text editor), and paste this text into that file. Save this file as setup.php in the setup directory (under the main rilkecms directory).

(3) Upload and Navigate to the PHP Setup File:
After having saved this file, upload it to the same setup directory (under the rilkecms directory) on your webhost, and navigate to it. If your site is "", and you uploaded the rilkecms under the root directory, then setup.php would be found at: .

(4)Log In; Monitor Database Table Creation:
Once you have navigated to setup.php, login with the username and password listed above. Once you have successfully logged in, your database tables will be created and populated. Make sure that no errors are reported here.

(5) Log in Again - all done
After your database tables have been created and populated, you will be asked to log into the Administration Screen. After you log in, try to add a new post. If you can add a new post, it means that Rilke CMS is set up correctly!

Please Note: If you are having trouble logging in, you may have entered something incorrectly. You may have to regenerate (and reupload) the preferences file or setup file.